Soveco® Wooden Tiles or commonly called "shingles" are elements made of wood used for roofing or cladding.

The brand was developed in the early 80's by Pierre Hervé, also founder of Stratégie Bois, and since has proven itself and is positioned as a leader in Europe and widely renowned in the world.

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Facade and roofing in pre-greyed Soveco® Wooden Tiles

Facade and roofing in pre-greyed Soveco® Wooden Tiles

Architect : André Gruschkievitsch and Michaël Placidi Owner : Val d'Oise habitat Supplier : Tuile de Bois Soveco® Location : Menucourt, France


Soveco® wooden tiles roofing Engineer : BET STRATEGIE BOIS Location : Calvados, dpt 14 France
Chestnut Woden Tiles in Senegal

Chestnut Woden Tiles in Senegal

Architect : William Dawnson et Reda Sleiman Owner : Hotel 5* Terrou-bi, Dakar-Senegal Applicator : Industrie Bois Sas


Stratégie bois and Soveco® Wooden Tiles roofing


Our company has a strong experience in wooden roofing.

Several studies have been carried out, in Europe or in other countries, whether in public or private buildings as well as in individual houses, hotels, high-rise buildings, etc.

All the vertical knowledge related to the studies and the construction economy of the company was developed thanks to 30 years of passion and the valorization of the wooden tile.

More than 20 years of R&D and 24 patents are for you the assurance an irreproachable quality of services.


Soveco® Wood Tiles have a good dimensional stability. They resist acid attacks, sea salt, wood insects and fungi The ecological treatment applied to the tiles allows to fill the cells of the wood and to expel all the edible material as well as to visualize the final hue of the roof from the laying. The method of laying and nailing developed by our wood engineering makes the installation easy and fast.

Fire reaction and resistance

The Soveco® Wooden Tiles are certified of: - Fire reaction classified M2 - Fire resistance classified Croof(t3) (T15 indice 1)

Resistance to extreme weather conditions

The tests carried out allow the Soveco® Wooden Tiles to resist a cyclonic winds up to 288 km/h. They are resistant to bad weather including snow, hail, etc. Several roofs in soveco® wooden tiles have been laid in the mountains

Excellent thermal insulation

The wood itself is an effusive material. It does not absorb heat like any other material. Which makes the wood a good thermal insulator. In addition, the laying method developed by our BET allows to go far beyond the thermal resistance imposed by the RT 2012

Ecological and sustainable roofing

Soveco® wooden tiles are made of wood from a sustainably managed forest in France. The wood has a positive carbon balance. It sequesters carbon dioxide instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. The tiles are 100% recyclable and renewable.

Certifications and approvals

To download our technical handbook of laying a wooden roofing and see all our certifications and approvals, click HERE

Salle de banquet vue de ct et couverture en tuiles de bois