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Wood engineering Presentation

Stratégie Bois offers you the experience gathered along almost two decades of working in practically all the needs of wood engineering. We have created an offshore group composed by recognized and proved specialists: engineers, architects, surveyors, draftsmen, planners, structural carpenters and foremen. They have specialized mainly in two fundamental axes: mixed material buildings (wood /steel, wood/concrete and wood /steel/reinforced concrete) and extreme weather conditions (wind, rain, earthquake, hurricane, waves, snow, etc.)

Furthermore, we have a less common specialization axe, which is a traditional pillar of the company: assistance in wooden roof design and set-up. We have created also the Ablewood program covering all the branches of civil engineering.

Stratégie Bois constantly improves its international capacity of negotiation, with a multicultural, multi-lingual and multi-regulations working style, and with a flexible structure in order to remain close to our client, available for any appointment or working meeting, whether face-to-face, by Skype or by any other digital format. Adaptation to client needs, in technical solutions and the work process itself, is our key. The results you can value here are a sample of these wood passionate specialists’ dedication.

We remain at your entire disposition, sincerely yours,

Pierre Hervé

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