Stratégie Bois offers you experience gathered throughout almost two decades in a group of services that cover practically all the needs of civil engineering using wood as the construction material. Our team is composed of people that have a passion for wood: engineers, architects, technicians, surveyors, draftsmen, structural carpenters and foremen.

We have created a broad base of knowledge about mixed structures (wood/steel, wood/cement and wood/steel/cement) and in the last two years about wooden structural panels in order to provide maximum use of this material.

For a number of years now we have been working on so-called “bioclimatic” homes. Today they are called BBC or Passive Homes. They use C.L.T. wood in the walls (the most well-known manufacturer is KLH®).

We specialize in extreme climates and conditions (wind, rain, earthquakes, hurricanes, impact of wave action, snow, and termite-affected areas). We have added to this a less common specialty line that makes up the company’s
traditional mainstay: assistance in the design and set-up of wooden roofs (pergolas, wooden boards and shingles, with M2 fire-resistance certification, T3 Croof and resistance to winds of up to 299 Km./h). 

As the creators of the Ablewood Program and holding over 22 patents, we are constantly aware of technological advances.
Stratégie Bois never stops improving its international management levels with a multicultural, multilingual work style adapting to the technical standards of different regions and with a flexible structure that allows us to accompany clients at all times and via multiple channels. Our key: adaptation to client needs in terms of technical solutions starting with the plans and blueprints, through to the production specs as well as designing the working process, right up to execution follow-up.

Sincerely yours,

Pierre Hervé